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1) The widest range of additional services that you will need for an excellent trip with the DIAMONIS  travel agency (issuing a passport or travel document for a child, travel insurance, various visas, also Schengen visas and it does not matter which part of country you are from contact us, selling and booking airline tickets, booking buses for tours, booking a car rental abroad, and much more).
2) Specialization of managers on narrowly targeted tours (Ski tours to Austria, Switzerland or Italy, beach vacations from any part of Europe, bus tours to the Czech Republic or Hungary, also tours to Bulgaria, bus tours to Europe, Wedding tours, pilgrimage tours to Israel) .
3) Round-the-clock customer support of the DIAMONIS travel agency, by phone

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We offer you modern approaches that can open you up to a diverse, unique and inimitable spirit, culture, and most importantly the opportunity to enjoy a bright vacation in different countries. All services in DIAMONIS Travel are of high quality combined with low prices. Travel agency "DIAMONIS Travel" is distinguished by the best service in the city of Sumy!

Our managers will competently select and organize your vacation in any country in the world. We have wide partner support and direct contracts with leaders. The best tour operators from around the world trust us with their product, which allows us to satisfy the taste of the most fastidious and inveterate traveler.

Travel agency "DIAMONIS Travel" will pick you a tour to exotic countries such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, or Indonesia and many others, but they can also help you with the choice of a tour - Turkey or Egypt. Of course we will also book a tour to Greece, Crete or Cyprus. And also magnificent Spain, fabulous UAE, exotic India, Vietnam, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Seychelles, Maldives. Also beautiful Montenegro and Croatia, sunny Tunisia and Bulgaria.